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Any car accident can temporarily complicate the lives of everyone involved. But when an accident results in serious injuries, permanent disability or even death, it has a life-altering effect on victims and their loved ones. Anyone who is involved in even a relatively minor accident caused by the negligence of another party can benefit from the advice and support of a skilled local car accident attorney. And the need for legal support becomes critical when serious injuries occur.

Identifying serious injuries

There is no specific legal definition of what constitutes a serious automobile accident injury, but, as a general rule, if your injury changes your ability to live life for an extended period or permanently, the Newport News car accident attorneys at Forbes & Broadwell can help ensure you receive full compensation to cover the expenses. Examples of serious injuries include the following:

  • Critical brain or head trauma
  • Spine injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Irreparably crushed bones
  • Injuries resulting in permanent visible scarring or other damage

Local support from car accident attorneys near Newport News

By choosing a local attorney, you gain the benefits of convenience. Equally important, your attorney is well-versed in local legal processes and often knows the practices of local opposing attorneys. The car accident lawyers at Forbes & Broadwell are based near Newport News and have been assisting automobile accident injury victims throughout The Peninsula and the Tidewater region since 1994.

We take the time to listen to the details behind your car accident before making recommendations on the best way to proceed with your case. Whenever possible, we propose settlement options that can achieve full and fair compensation quickly and economically. But when you need a jury to ensure full payment for your claim, we aggressively fight in court.

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