Brain Injury

Compassionate and competent lawyers investigate all sources of recovery

The lawyers at Forbes & Broadwell handle many personal injury cases that involve brain injury. We have the available resources and skills to estimate long-term medical care and other related expenses. Our goal is to see that you receive the compensation you deserve.

An accident can result in injury so severe that permanent disability and extreme incapacity can occur. In severe cases of brain injury, motor functions, cognitive ability and social interaction are affected. These results may lead to the loss of a job. Diagnostic testing, surgery, drugs, around-the-clock assistance and rehabilitation are usually needed. If the disability is permanent, this can run up exorbitant bills.

Brain injury can result from:

  • Car accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective products
  • Oxygen deprivation from:
    • Childbirth
    • Surgery
    • Drowning incident

If another person is at fault in causing the injury, you have grounds for a personal injury claim. In some cases, a claim against more than one party may be appropriate. We investigate all sources of recovery.

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