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Anyone who drives an automobile is aware of how complex life can become after an automobile accident. Even relatively minor accidents can cause injuries and damage that affects everything — from getting medical and therapeutic treatment to returning to work. Serious injuries can have a life-long effect on victims. Regardless of the extent of your injuries and property damages, the experienced Newport News auto accident lawyers at Forbes & Broadwell can provide the advice and legal assistance you need to ensure your rights to compensation are protected when an accident has been caused by the negligence of another party.

Your options depend on the details of your accident

The bottom line is that you have the right to compensation when you suffer injury due to the negligence of another party — but there is more than one way to pursue damages:

  • Insurance claims: When the majority of your expenses involve paying to repair or replace your automobile, perhaps combined with treatment for minor injuries sustained during the accident, filing an insurance claim can often fairly compensate you for your losses. But, even in this case, you are well-advised to have the insurance settlement offer reviewed by one of our automobile accident attorneys in Newport News to ensure the settlement offer is fair and truly compensates you for all losses.
  • Out-of-court settlements: When injuries are more severe with full recovery expected over time, an insurance claim may not obtain the compensation you need. Our auto accident lawyers in Newport News have the negotiation skills needed to pursue a settlement with opposing attorneys. These settlements can be a good way to avoid the stress and expense of a trial while obtaining reimbursement for all expenses — from past, present and future medical and therapy costs to lost time from work and even costs incurred if you temporarily need to hire someone to help with household chores until you have sufficiently recovered.
  • Jury trials: Unfortunately, automobile accidents can cause long-term or permanent injury to victims. Brain and spinal injuries are just two examples of conditions that can potentially alter the rest of your life. A jury trial is generally the best way to pursue the compensation you need to cover a possible lifetime of expenses.

How our automobile accident lawyers in Newport News can help

The attorneys at Forbes & Broadwell have been helping automobile accident injury victims in Newport News and throughout The Peninsula and the Tidewater region since 1994. We carefully assess your case to determine the best option to ensure you receive the compensation you need. We can often save you time and money through settlement — but, we aggressively fight in court when this is the best option for pursuing compensation for a serious accident and injuries.

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